The Complete Tracking Solution for Facebook Ads

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That's right, we discovered a workaround that provides your business the data it needs to succeed, and most importantly, survive in this era of uncertainty after IOS 14 has rolled out, which has left even the best marketers scratching their heads.

After IOS 14 rolled out, 94% Of Users have opted out of tracking, meaning that your campaigns are suffering the following:

- No Breakdowns on Placement, Location, Dynamic Creative Element

- No Insight on which Ad-Set is bringing in the results

- No insight on which Ad Creative is bringing in the results

All of this inaccuracy leads to false decision-making, leaving your business in the hands of "Fate".

Don't make crucial decisions for your business based on 1/3 of the data. 

The IOS 14 Solution offers 100% Real-Time Reporting for all Traffic & Sales data including:

- Ad Creatives 

- Ad Placements

- Ad Sets

- Device Type

- Country

- Conversion Rate per all of the above 

- True ROAS on all your Campaigns, for powerful decision-making based on real, accurate data.

This solution is completely free to set up for all of your businesses.

There are no "fancy apps" involved.

If you need any help with the integration or have any other questions, kindly Contact Us at: and our team will be more than happy to assist you.

After Purchasing, the Digital Download will be sent to your email.

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